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Leaders Guide

The Resource For Boy Scout Camporee

What is Camporee

Leaders Guide is dedicated to that one cornerstone of Scouting that is Camporee. Boy Scouts have been gathering for Camporee to compete and test their scout-craft for almost as long as there have been scouts. Most Districts or councils host at least two camporees a year. one in the spring and one in the fall. Many will host a third winter camporee.  At Camporee the boys will be given a chance to focus on specific skills in scouting.

Each Camporee should have a theme, some focus that allows the troops attending to be able to prepare for the camporee by teaching skills or starting the merit badge of focus.  Camporee can be focused on a merit badge, scout-craft in general, or a point of scouting. It is however important that the scouts come away from camporee with a sense of development, challenge and confidence.

Planning and executing effective Camporees can be a large and somewhat daunting task.  This Website is meant to be a resource for those who rise to the challenge of putting on camporees for the units there serve.